Celebrating Eid in Canada

Eid el Fitr is one of the main holidays in muslim culture. It is the end of a holy month of fasting. When comes the Eid, kids, women and men all celebrate. The Eid is also about organizing a big feast with delicious meals. In Canada, immigrants from different backgrounds, especially African, try to save their culture as much as possible.

A special meal served in the morning before going to the mosque for the Eid prayer marks the real end of fasting. At the end of the day, parents meet together to share delicious meals prepared with love. At that time, kids have parties with snacks paid for by the salibo or ndeweneul (an amount of money given to kids during the Eid) they received from house to house.

The Eid is also about fashion. It is the moment to wear the most beautiful and new outfit and take pictures to save for memories. Families have many weeks to plan for what & where to  purchase new outfits for all family members but usually do it the last hours;failing that it is required to dress with your nicest clothes and show your best self. Girls will dress up with long dresses or boubou and boys will wear kaftans.


Boy wearing blue & purple Momo's outfit set made of Faso Dan Fani for the Eid.








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