African Baby Carrier Wrap

In  African culture the bond between a mom and his baby starts while in her belly and continues for many many years.  Holding the baby in the back is a way to maintain that bond, to make a crying baby sleep, or to safely run one's chores.

Carrying a baby in the back can start as early as one (1) month . For muslims, it is recommended to recite sourates before the first time for more protection. Babies enjoy being close to their mom and find that spot the best place to feel sleepy.

Back versus front .

First, a baby in the back allow you to use your hands free and do your chores. Second, it is believed to protect against supernatural powers. 

The way you hold your baby in the back can determine his future behaviors. actually only the fact to put his arms inside or outside the wrap might foster his bravery or cowardiness.

African baby carrier a cultural asset to adopt safely.

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Baby in the back of his mom held tightly with an African baby carrier wrap



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